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Command Points

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What are Command Points?[edit | edit source]

Command Points or CP are currency used to upgrade your weapons, unlock uniforms and hire specialists. CP’s are awarded during missions for items collected, as well as for completing the missions themselves.

Where can you collect Command Points?[edit | edit source]

Collect CP for items you collect, completing missions and eliminating the enemy. You can also get bonus CP’s with the purchase of snazzy new outfits. At the end of every successful mission you get Command Points based on the following:

  • Main Objective: CP earned for completing the main objective
  • Bonus Objective: CP earned for completing the secondary objective
  • First Time Bonus: CP earned only on the first completion of the Mission
  • Camouflage Bonus: CP earned when using an eligible Uniform
  • Total Bonus: The total CP bonus based on the numbers above