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Can you level up the Tiny Troopers or increase their abilities?[edit | edit source]

There are several elements of the Tiny Troopers that can have their abilities increased. These include the Riffle Barrel (increases the rate of damage), Riffle Scope (increases the accuracy, allowing your troopers to hit their targets more frequently), Riffle Magazine (providing your troopers with an increased rate of fire), Riffle Muzzle (increases the range of the troopers firepower), Armour (allowing your troopers to take on more damage), Boots (increases the speed at which the troopers can move, making them harder to hit) and finally, your troopers Rank (increasing your troopers rank will increase their hit points). There are also a range of outfits specifically designed for your Tiny Troopers that can provide additional abilities such as extra command points upon mission competition, a reduction in the enemy’s observation range or even extra hit points!