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TTJO Support Menu.jpg

There are no specific weapons available in Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops that players can choose from. hey all have a standard machine gun which can be upgraded with additional range and penetration. Players can however call in additional support listed below to add extra firepower to their mission.

Ammo Cost of CP Description
Grenade 1,500 A grenade that blows stuff up!
Rocket 5,000 Aim this at pesky tanks and towers.
Air Strike 7,500 Use this help from the skies on to a large area full of the enemy.
Medipack 9,000 Heal your troops.
Intel Pack 5,000 Reveal the location of all enemies and collectibles on the map.
Speed Boost 2,000 A temporary boost for your troops.
Airborne 10,000 Call an Airborne reinforcement for the duration of the mission.